Lehigh Valley’s November 17, 2013 Team Demo List!


Here are the project teams and what they are building this weekend at Startup Weekend Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania.

Interested in watching the final presentations? Presentations will begin promptly at 5:00pm at Ben Franklin TechVentures, 116 Research Dr, Bethlehem, PA 18015. Hope to see you there.

Final Reminder for teams:  Fill Out Team Survey If You Want To Present (survey.startupweekend.org)






Wardrobe management and clothing recommendation app

Website: www.trenday.co






At some point or another, every parent worries anxiously over a sick child. You spend sleepless nights fretting, feeling her head, taking his temperature, hoping that the medicine you managed to administer is working. But what if you could get a more complete picture of temperature fluctuations without all that running around? And what if your child’s temperature can be taken on an ongoing basis with data sent directly to your Smart Phone or computer and time of the day or night? TherMOMitor ™ allows you to get a more accurate and reliable measure of your child’s condition, even while they sleep, by gauging his or her temperature over time and sending this data to your computer or smart phone. If there is a rapid spike, a set threshold is reached, or if your child is failing to respond to medicine The TherMOMitor will send an alert to your computer or hand held device. Our product introduces comfortable apparel embedded with temperature sensors that relay data over wifi to an easy to read interface that allows you to graphically view temperature fluctuations throughout the day and night. Our team of programers, designers, business professionals, and engineers are all working together to develop this idea from prototype to market.

Website: http://www.thermomitor.com/


Sideburns eBooks

Digitize book to be read on Kindles/Nooks/Smartphones/etc. Help self-published authors create higher quality ebooks. Help publishers digitize their backlogs of books.



impatient logo



Transparent mechanism for patients, their friends and families to fund new medicines

Website: beimpatient.co



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Our mission is to encourage a community of safe drivers by gamifying the daily driving habits of teens.

Website: www.Drivenapp.co



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We are developing a high-quality, waterproof, rugged, and lightweight stabilizing device for a GoPro or similar camera when participating in extreme (sports) situations.








An app for teens to check in with their parents, and if they don’t check in, the system alerts parents to the child’s location in case they are in trouble. Also for woman walking late at night, they can set the app to require they check in after do much time, and if they don’t, friends and family are alerted something might have gone wrong.

Website: http://www.icheckinapp.com/



LinkNEXT logo

LinkNext is like Tinder for business networking. You find someone close-by who wants to work with others. You search through basic profiles and decide if you want to meet up for lunch/ coffee.

Website: www.linknext.co


Factory Match

Easier, safer, stress-free way for companies in the US to do business with factories in China.